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Ship-Mounted Screw Ship Unloading System

In this case, the Hong Kong cement screw transit system is composed of two sets of 330TPH screw ship unloaders and the device of conveying material into the ship. All equipment is installed on the ship, which is energy-saving, efficient and green.


Mechanical screw unloading system

Mechanism of work: the material feeder inserts into the material while rotating, collects the material by rotation in the counter-clockwise direction, and conveys it into the vertical conveyor. The vertical conveyor elevates the material to the horizontal conveyor by rotation in the clockwise direction. The material is conveyed to the tower rotation center, and finally discharged to the subsequent conveying system via the vertical chute in the tower.

Unloading and conveying capacity: 100t/h, 200t/h, 300t/h, 400t/h, 500t/h and above.


LXJ300 is a fixed three section screw continuous ship unloader designed and manufactured by our company. It is mainly composed of vertical and horizontal screws. It is applicable to ship types below 5000DWT and is suitable for unloading powder and granular materials.


The mobile ship unloader installed on the trailer shall be switched from road travel mode to ship unloading mode within 30 minutes. The discharge port of the ship unloader can be connected with any conveying system equipment. The vehicle mounted ship unloader developed by Yuntian is applicable to ships within 5000 tons with a rated capacity of 100~300 tons/hour.


T-LX series rail mobile screw ship unloaders developed by our company are suitable for large tonnage bulk carriers in coastal ports. The conveying arm designed by this series of ship unloaders can continuously take materials in a wide range of free luffing, swinging and rotating movements, which is flexible, convenient and efficient in operation.

The discharge port is equipped with a dust collector, and a sealed belt conveying system is subsequently configured to make it to move continuously with the ship unloader without raising dust and continuously convey.