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  Mechanical system Mechanical system uses inlet feeder to reach into the materials while it is rotating, collecting and transporting materials to vertical screw conveyor by negative rotation. Vertical screw conveyor lifts materials to horizontal conveyor through clockwise rotation. Materials are then transferred to rotating tower and are conveyed to the follow-up conveying system by vertical chute. Unloading capacity can be: 100t/h,200t/h,300t/h,400t/h,500t/h, etc. The LXS250 type designed by Yuntian is a fixed ship unloader with a two-section arm. Designed capacity is 250 t/h(Based on the volume-weight of cement of 1.30 t/m³). Materials are discharged from the ship through vertical screw and inlet feeder and transported to follow-up equipment by horizontal screw. Applicable ship size is 3000~5000 DWT. Power consumption is about 0.5 Kwh/t. LXJ300 series is a continuous screw ship unloader with three sections of arms. It is composed of vertical and horizontal conveying screws. This series of ship unloaders are able to unload barges with size under 5,000DWT. The applicable materials are powdery and granular materials. Mobile ship unloaders installed on trailers are required to begin operation in 30 minutes starting from transportation position. The discharge head of ship unloader can be connected to any conveying systems or equipment. Trailer-mounted ship unloader developed by Yuntian meets the requirements of unloading vessels below 5,000 DWT (optimum match), the rated capacity varies from 100t/h to 300t/h. T-LX series rail type screw ship unloader designed by our company is suitable for unloading bulk barges of big tonnage at ports. Conveying arms of this series of ship unloaders can luff and swing freely within a wide range and can realize continuous material suction during rotation. Its operation is flexible, convenient and highly efficient. There is a dust collector at the blanking end. A follow-up of sealed belt conveying system is used to ensure a sealed, dust free and continuous conveying following the movement of ship unloader.